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Kazakhstan Project Management Association

Kazakhstan Project Management Association is the public association, called to carry out coordination, administrative, educational and certification activity. It is a national branch of International Project Management Association. The association was open in 2003, during this time were done the spadework for more active positioning design thinking in economic and social spheres of development Kazakhstan.

Mission of Association is assistance to develop project management in Republic of Kazakhstan, legislative and normative maintenance of this area, cooperation with the international organizations, and translation of world experience, methodology and tools of project management, formation of national culture of Project Management.

The problems are:

  • The development of project management market
  • The development of legislative and normative base on PM
  • The entrance of Kazakhstan Republic in world system of PM and a recognition of presence in Kazakhstan control systems of projects
  • Prequalification of the domestic companies on services of project management in the international projects in territory of Kazakhstan Republic
  • Development of theoretical and educational system of PM

Project Management - the most successful philosophy of modern business in conditions of 

  • Reduction life cycle of a product
  • Global competition
  • Explosion volume of knowledge
  • Reduction the size of corporations
  • More attention to the client
  • Fast development of the countries of the third world

Under control of the project the activity directed on realization of the project with the greatest possible efficiency at set restrictions on time, to money means (and resources), and also to quality of end results of the project (documentary, for example, in the technical project). The analysis of the international experience shows that correct project management reduces duration of their realization on the average on 20-30%, and charges — on 10-15%.

The basic directions activities of Association

I. Educational activity (formation educational services market in the field of PM).

This block have seminars-trainings on project management (level seminars for certification of listeners on Levels A, B, C, D) and trainings on separate areas of PM; preparation trainers of PM; carrying out the master-classes on PM problems; the help to universities in promotion the speciality «Project Management».

II. Certification activity of experts and companies (formation of need available certificated experts at the enterprises and in the companies) 

This block assumes level certification of experts who have been last corresponding trainings; Organization and carrying out of trainings for assessors (with the purpose of formation national assessors); development of certification documents (NCB-3.0, NCRG, QM); licensing training companies; certification of the companies; validation and certification of the certified center and KPMA.

III. Consulting activity

Consulting activity includes carrying out of consultations on PM, rendering practical help in realization projects of the companies with use of methodology project management, etc.