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What is the certification on Project Management?

Success of realization of any project depends on professionalism and competence of experts which carry out it. To be the professional in the field of Project Management is necessary to possess the certain professional knowledge, skills and a practical operational experience. Certification allows you to confirm your qualification and competence.

Certification of project management is:

  • Definition process of conformity moral principles and installations separate candidate to ethical standards and the fixed rules on Ethical code of project management
  • Definition process of conformity of professional knowledge, experience and skills of separately taken candidate for established requirements shown to the project management expert 

Transfer on the certification program will become stimulus for projects managers, programs and portfolios, and also members of commands on project management:

  • to expand and improve the knowledge and experience;
  • to continue the education and preparation; 
  • to improve quality of project management;
  • and the last, but not less important – to reach the problems more effectively according to project.

Advantages of certification programs:

  • project management experts will receive the certificate recognized all over the world certifying their competence of this sphere;
  • project management service providers will receive acknowledgement of the professional competence of their subordinates;
  • clients will be assured that they will receive services of project management meeting the requirements of time.

Advantages of companies having certificated project management experts:

  • maintenance of organizations and companies requirement in the qualified project management experts
  • maintenance of the guaranteed quality of services in project management
  • increase organizations performance using certificated project management services 
  • increase rating and competitiveness of the company due to professional Project Management

According to the national standard of certification of project managers in Kazakhstan NCB of 2007, constructed on the basis of the international standard ICB of the international association project management IPMA, the Kazakhstan Project Management Association has generated a command of director of certification, assessors, auditors and scientifically-methodical advice on development of system of certification and association as a whole. 

The certified program stimulates professional development of project managers and members of the commands providing project management for:

  • expansions and improvements of their knowledge, experience and professional skills of management
  • to support the process of their continuous training
  • to improve quality of project management
  • to provide achievement of the purposes of projects